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Antonelli & Antonelli is family owned and operated, providing the personalized attention only a focused and dedicated firm can provide. We know how challenging it can be to handle legal matters after the death of a loved one. We understand what is at stake for your family. We are committed to providing caring and effective guidance through the probate and estate administration process, vigorous representation in litigated matters, and personalized estate planning.

Our New York Attorneys Protect Your Rights During Probate, Estate Administration, and Estate Litigation

It is difficult to consider what will happen to your estate and your family after you are gone. Dealing with the death of a loved one can be even more trying. In addition to managing the emotional component, it is often necessary to answer demanding legal questions and take court action to protect your family’s best interests. It is a critical time that requires the right legal team.

Our Trusts & Estates Lawyers Provide Caring, Responsive, and Professional Guidance

At Antonelli & Antonelli, we provide professional guidance with a personal touch for families facing probate, trust, and estate issues. We aim to shift the stress of those issues from your shoulders to ours. Every estate is unique. Our experienced legal team focuses on identifying your unique goals and providing tailor-made solutions. We are committed to responsiveness because communication is the key to a trusting attorney-client relationship.

Premier Representation for All Types of New York Estate Clients

Even the most basic will must be probated in New York Surrogate’s Court in order to have legal effect. More complicated matters require additional legal intervention. Disputes can arise at any stage of the estate process, so it is important to have knowledgeable legal representation to prevent problems from occurring and to litigate disputes when they do arise.

If you are named as an executor in a will, or need to be appointed as administrator where there is no will, our team can help you get appointed by the Surrogate's Court. And we can guide you through the process of administering the estate. It is important that you understand your rights and obligations so you can avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.

If you are a beneficiary or heir who does not have a trusting relationship with the executor or administrator, we can monitor the administration process. In this role, we make sure that the executor is doing his or her job properly. If the executor mishandles estate assets or otherwise violates his or her fiduciary obligation, we step in to litigate aggressively to make things right.

Contact Our Probate & Estate Lawyers for Help With Your New York Estate

Even if you live out of state, our attorneys can help. If the estate falls under New York jurisdiction, our lawyers can be your local advocates, often without you having to travel to New York. Our commitment to consistent communication and our dedication to personalized attention helps every client know their interests are being fully protected by a legal team they can trust.

Even if you are not sure about your rights, or whether you need an attorney, contact the legal team at Antonelli & Antonelli today. We can answer your questions in a free, no-obligation consultation.

Why Choose Us

Estate matters are highly personal, and when the time comes to address them, it can be challenging and emotional. It is important to have a legal team on your side who can make you feel comfortable and confident. At Antonelli & Antonelli, our clients can expect:

  • Prompt communication. Our law firm purposely remains small, and we limit our caseload so we can dedicate the time and energy every client deserves. When you have a question or you need an update on your legal matter, you will receive a quick response and a detailed explanation of what’s happening.
  • Understanding. Trusts & Estates is a unique area of law, one that involves facing tough questions about the death of a family member. Our attorneys understand that whether you are dealing with a straightforward, uncontested will or a more complex, disputed issue, it can have a dramatic impact on your family. We are courteous and professional, and we care about our clients.
  • Realistic expectations. Unlike many general practice attorneys who may overpromise and under deliver, at Antonelli & Antonelli, we are honest and up front. This is a stressful time, and it is important to fully understand your legal rights and options. Our clients can feel confident because they know what to expect, and we help provide the guidance to reach the best possible outcome.
  • Experience and skill. In New York, estate matters typically go through Surrogate’s Court, regardless of the complexity of the case. Even small mistakes can cost families valuable time and money and negatively impact the success of your case. Our lawyers dedicate their practice to probate, estate administration, and estate litigation, so we know what to expect and how to navigate the system most effectively.
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