My brother was a resident of New York City when he died in 2013. I was named the executor of my brother's estate in his will. Although I am a practicing attorney in New Hampshire, I am not admitted to the bar in New York and do not practice probate law. Because of squabbles with some of my siblings over my brother's assets and because of my unfamiliarity with probate law, I initially contacted two New York firms for assistance with my brother's estate. While both firms pledged assistance, no assistance was forthcoming. I contacted Antonelli & Antonelli and was more than pleased with the advice and counsel I received from Attorney Erin Cummings. Erin was in constant contact with me by both telephone and e-mail and also got one of my siblings to turn over estate assets to me. Erin also assisted me with dissolving my brother's business. I can, and do, highly recommend Antonelli & Antonelli and Attorney Cummings.Thomas Corcoran