I learned that my deceased uncle had unclaimed funds, which were being held by The Comptroller's Office. Since I have absolutely no knowledge in the area of probates and estate planning, I had to find an attorney who handles the latter. I contacted several attorneys, who were not willing to take on my case because they considered the amount of funds being held very small and not worth their time! Among all the attorneys I contacted, only one was willing to take on my case, and that was Antonelli & Antonelli. They prepared all the necessary documents that The Comptroller's Office required to release the funds. Thanks to Antonelli & Antonelli, I now have the funds in my possession! When no one was willing to assist me, Antonelli & Antonelli took on my case with expertise. Not only are they very knowledgable in their field, they also have a very courteous staff! I would definitely recommend Antonelli & Antonelli to anyone who requires the services of an attorney who specializes in the field of Litigation, Probate and Estate Planning. My appreciation and thanks to both the Attorneys and Staff at Antonelli & Antonelli, and especially to Intern Jose Oropeza, who worked with me!Linda